Easy Confluence Translator Overview

Welcome to the documentation of the Easy Confluence Translator! Easy Confluence Translator allows you to easily translate pages to your preferred language at a press of a button, improving and accelerating your teams ability to create better content for an international audience.

Easy Confluence Translator enables you to leverage various machine translation services such as DeepL or Google Translate to create versions of your page in multiple languages, easing the process to share documentation, project information, business documents etc. to your employees, teams and customers worldwide. Focusing on ease of use makes the process almost effortless, allowing you to focus on the actual content, not the work to translate it.

See Translating your first Confluence page on how you can get started

For administrators seeking information on how to setup Easy Confluence Translator, see API Configuration and Access Control and Permissions.

For evaluations of Easy Confluence Translator, see Evaluation Translation Service.

To keep up to date with all changes between versions of Easy Confluence Translator, check the release notes.

If you need assistance or have questions, you can reach our support team via the Service Desk or by e-mail via ect@eps-support.ch