Advanced Excerpt Documentation


The Advanced Excerpt macro is used to create and edit excerpts, which can be included by using an Advanced Excerpt Include macro. 

By using Excerpt Variant macros, you can choose which variant you want to include. 

When the content of a source Advanced Excerpt macro is updated, the content of the including Advanced Excerpt Include macro is not automatically updated, too. But an indicator alerts the user that he can do so.  

Advanced Excerpt


The name is used as identifier, which means there mustn't be Advanced Excerpt macros with the same name on the same page.


There is also the possibility to add Excerpt Variants inside of an Advanced Excerpt macro. Have a look into the Advanced Excerpt Include section for the result.


Editing the content of a Advanced Excerpt macro does not automatically update the Advanced Excerpt Include macros. 

Advanced Excerpt Include


Excerpt Containing Page: Select the page with the Advanced Excerpt macro, that you want to include

Excerpt Name: Select the wanted Advanced Excerpt 

List of Variants (optional): Select the desired combination of Excerpt Variants (if there are Excerpt Variant macros in the source).


By using Advanced Excerpt Variants, the user is able to choose which content of an excerpt should be included.


If the Advanced Excerpt macro, which got included on a page got edited, there will be an indication (in edit mode), that the Include macro is able to update.

By clicking the update button, a dialog appears, where the user can pull the update. If there are any variants added to the source excerpt, one can choose again, which variants should be included to the page.


In edit mode, there will be some indications, which show the status of relationship between the "Advanced Excerpt" and the "Advanced Excerpt Include"

redSource macro, or source page got deleted
greenThere have been changes in the source macro, you're able to update
blueMacro is up to date